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Know More About The Company

Know More About The Company

Ankur Biochem Pvt Ltd., (Jharkhand) has set-up a grain based distillery project at Tatulia More,Lakhiyabad Bridge, P.O. Dubi, Dist-Dhanbad Jharkhand, which is located  about 27 kms away from state border and 1.5 kms away from National Highway No 02.Ankur Biochem Pvt Ltd., Ranchi (Jharkhand) is registered as Private Limited companies vide Registration No U24100WB2008PTC128390/2008-2009 and the Registered head office address is 2nd floor , 10 , Clive Row, Kolkata, West Bengal,India.

The objective of Ankur Biochem Pvt Ltd., Ranchi (Jharkhand) is to set-up modern agro based industrial project to help farmers in the region to get maximum return for their produce. Taking in to consideration the increasing demand for alcohol all over the world as well as in the country, Ankur Biochem Pvt Ltd.,  Ranchi (Jharkhand) has proposed to set-up a grain based distillery project to produce potable and industrial grade alcohol using grains such as corn and rice as feedstock. As alcohol produced from grains is supposed to be of very high quality and fetches higher price, it is assumed that most of the alcohol produced would be sold to potable liquor industry. It is also possible to produce anhydrous alcohol production from grains may not become economically attractive .The proposed distillery capacity is 60,000 litres per day.

This unit would also produce 153.0 MT/day Day Distilers wet grain with Solubles (DWGS) or 45.0 MT per day of high protein containing Distillers dried grain with Solubles (DDGS) , which can be sold to the manufacturers of animal feed.
Sufficient quantity of raw material i.e corn and sorghum can be easily made available from the surrounding area of the proposed plant site as well as from neighbouring districts.It is also proposed that the concept of �Contact farming� to promote farmers to cultivate corn or other grains would be implemented in future.

The locational advantages of the proposed  site are below Tantulia More, is well connected to all the important places by Road and Rail. Company has already purchased 8 hectares of land in its own name near National Highway No  02 which is 20 k.m away from the site,Tatulia More , Lakhiyabad Bridge, P.O . Dubi. Dist-Dhanbad,region is very advanced in agriculture and thus the raw material availiability is assured,Has reasonably good infrastructure support facilities,good pool of qualified technical and skilled labours etc.

Neighbouring districts of Dhanbad also produce Maize and other cereal grains in large quantities and therefore sufficient quantity of grain can be easily made available for the proposed project.Neighbouring States of West Bengal and Bihar are going to be the potential markets for the potable alcohol produced in this Grain based distillery. Thus , the Dhanbad area can be considered as the ideal location for the proposed unit.

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